Medical Solutions

High End Technology for medical services

- different Healthcare Products (CT, MR etc.)
- Connection to an IT-Infrastructur
- client specific programming of connections
S&T provides specialists, clinics and other suppliers of medical services with a portfolio comprised of first-class, highly professional health care solutions. These include products serving the area of diagnostic imaging (including such large-sized imaging systems as CT and MR ones). This supplying is accompanied by such services – often availed upon by cardiologists -as intensive facilitation and training.

S&T deploys its great trove of experience in supplying full-capacity solutions to the realization of such products and in their delivery, installation and maintenance. These services also comprise the integration into extant information systems and the implementation of customer-specific solutions in the area of image data management.

PHILIPS Ultrasound-System implemented from S&T

* Please note that the availability of the above products may differ on a country-by-country basis.