Embedded & Industry PC

Kontron has a large portfolio of embedded systems. They are deployed in a great variety of industries, with these including automation, medical, rail, energy management, security and multimedia technologies.

The HMI systems offered by Kontron are available as panel PCs or as industrial panels. They are equipped with state-of-technology touch technologies, and satisfy the requirements of the IP40 to IP67 codes of protective marking. They are thus highly suitable for employment in industrial environments. Their fan-less cases' designs guarantee their reliable operation on a 24/7 basis.

Kontron's engineering team provides all expert services required to develop client-specific embedded systems and products, and to facilitate the customers' sustained growth. These services form parts of Kontron's partnerships with its customers.

The company provides the following solutions and services:

- requirements/features engineering
- systems engineering
- hardware engineering
- software engineering
- mechanical design engineering
- consulting/coaching
- features management/engineering

Development, serial manufacturing, life cycle management: all from one provider!